About Us


reTECH Solutions Inc. Founded in 2005

Evolution of a project for a regional franchisor RE/MAX Northern Illinois to develop a better system for franchise membership management, billing, and reporting. 

Since 2005 the system has been in operation for a network of up to 160 Offices doing as much as 17+ Billion in real estate volume with 380+ million in commissions each year.  12+ years of investment and knowledge behind the system. 

Our system supports native reporting of vital statics at the transaction level as well as includes open platform reporting from 3rd party vendors.  

The system is on its 4th generation of development, which includes of complete Brokerage Back Office solution broker.ez which integrates with QuickBooks Online for accounting and DocuSign for transaction management. 

In 2018 we launched our rebrand to reeazily.  Real Estate workflow made eazy.